Bezrukov & Partners is a comprehensive law firm offering service in a range of areas

  • Legal Advice.  We offer legal advice on any legal issue, including writing legal memos
  • Legal Representation. Our specialists review paperwork and prepare necessary statements of claim. Our lawyers are ready to represent clients involved in a wide variety of disputes in any court instance.
  • Transactional Legal Assistance. Poor contract drafting causes most of the financial problems. We are ready to conduct a complete due diligence check on a target company and assess your risks.
  • Drafting Corporate Documents and Regulations.
  • State Authorities.  Our lawyers will help you to prepare for an inspection/audit, draft necessary documents, defend your interests in court and many other things.   
  • Corporate Legal Support (Legal Subscription Services).  We will perform the tasks of an in-house lawyer.
  • Debt Recovery. We will not only assist you with obtaining a judgment against the debtor but also work out a number of procedures to enforce it.

Legal support is essential for both profit organizations and state-funded or nonprofit organizations. Proper legal assistance contributes to successful entrepreneurship and includes drafting contracts and statutory documents as well as labor and employment issues among others.

Not every company employs an in-house lawyer today reducing overheads and seeking for competent outside lawyers who specialize in different areas of law.

We provide legal services for limited scope projects as well as comprehensive legal services by acting as general legal counsel.

A long track record of success, highly qualified professionals and passion for what we do distinguish us from our peers in the legal community. At Bezrukov & Company, we provide a wide range of services from tax advice to legal representation and pride ourselves on giving clients consistently excellent service at a convenient time.

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