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Tax Optimization

  • Legal Advice on Taxation Issues
  • Legal Support of Desk and Field Tax Audits
  • Legal Review of Tax Audit Reports, Filing Objections to Tax Audit Reports, Participation in Examination of Witnesses 
  • Disputes over Value Added Tax Refund
  • Tax Advice on Selling Property: Legal and the Most Profitable Ways 
  • Tax Optimization 
  • Tax Planning, Tax Litigation

The Russian legislation provides that taxes are compulsory payments. A taxpayer pays a tax by the deadlines after that a tax is deposited to the relevant budget. It is levied by a general purpose.

This differs taxes from various duties. The latter are also paid by a taxpayer to the budget of the appropriate level, but they are imposed for a specific purpose. The taxes have been classified in Russia into various categories

The Tax Code of the Russian Federation distinguishes between:

  • federal taxes;
  • regional taxes;
  • local taxes.

This classification is based on the level of the legislature that is entitled to establish rates for each tax.

It also provides that there are:

  • legal entity income taxes;
  • personal income taxes.

It is necessary to choose a relevant taxation scheme before registering a legal entity, regardless of its legal structure. Bezrukov & Partners lawyers will help you to choose the most suitable scheme.