Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate and Construction

    • Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions
    • Drafting Turnkey Contracts, Structuring Commercial Lease Relations
    • Registration of Rights to Real Property
    • Construction Legal Support of a Customer, Real Estate Developer or General Contractor
    • Legalization of Construction
    • Privatization of State Property
    • Real Estate Disputes Concerning Reclamation Issues, Challenging Transactions, Recognition of Ownership
    • Legal Support of Investment Projects

    State Registration of Rights to Real Property

    Under the current Russian legislation, real property rights and transactions are subject to state registration by an authorized body Rosreestr, the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.

    The state registration procedure is provided by law. In particular, it is necessary to apply to the authorized state agency conducting state registration. You should also submit property title documents (e.g. a rental agreement).

    Why Do You Need Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions?

    As the property is a valuable asset, you have to make sure that it is legally sound, not an object of dispute and there ought to be no third party claiming the property before signing an agreement.

    The likelihood of interference of any party in your transaction is primarily affected by the characteristics of your seller, real estate price and terms and conditions of the transaction.

    For that reason, Bezrukov & Partners lawyers:

    • review property title documents;
    • check whether a seller has an interest in the property and acts in good faith;
    • check whether an interest in the property is the subject matter of pending litigation and free of encumbrances, liens and third-party claims;
    • obtain a certified copy of the entry from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions;
    • draft prepayment or advance payment agreements;
    • draft the corresponding real estate contract;
    • participate in signing a contract (for the purchase and sale, exchange, or other conveyance of real estate), submit documents on state registration of title transfer to Rosreestr.

    Thus, our lawyers reduce possible risks and anticipate the challenges you might face. Experienced professionals, Bezrukov & Partners lawyers will provide practical and knowledgeable legal advice for all aspects of real estate transactions and title transfer registration.

    Real Estate Investment

    There are many ways to invest money today, and it is evident that an investor wants to make a profit on the project. Real estate investment has always been one of the most profitable ways to save and raise money.

    The reason for this is the liquidity of real estate. Stock prices decline, fluctuating currency and global financial crises underline the attractiveness of real estate investment: any lawyer will confirm that today this type of investment is the right way to earn a stable and secure income.

    Every type of investment has its peculiarities, and a potential investor should seek legal advice so that he doesn’t repeat the mistakes usually made by the beginners and feels legally secure. Thus, with legal assistance, you will be able to choose the safest investment most suitable for you.

    Investors are mostly interested in:

    • acquisition of building land;
    • purchase or construction of commercial real estate that is leased out to earn a stable and secure income;
    • purchase of old buildings, renovation investment.

    According to Russian law, real estate is divided into a residential and commercial property. Commercial facilities are premises which can’t be referred to as ‘residential’ according to the established norms and regulations. They include premises designed for retail or wholesale trade, warehouses, and other facilities. There are certain forms of generating income from residential property investment: residential lease, apartment purchase for resale, etc. Commercial property investment envisages stable income generated from leasing. There are plenty of options, and our lawyers will tell you the most profitable one.