• Commercial Litigation (delivery issues, water/energy/heat supply contracts, loans, debt recovery, etc.)
    • Recognition of Right 
    • Breach of Contract and Economic Duress
    • Recovery of Damages, Recovering Lost Profits, Compensation for Unjust Enrichment
    • Corporate Disputes between Company Participants, Share Rights Disputes
    • Challenging the Decisions of Regulatory Bodies
    • Challenging Major and Interested Party Transactions
    • Expulsion of Shareholder from Limited Liability Company (OOO, Obshchestvo s Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostiyu, in Russia)
    • Real Estate Litigation (legalization of unauthorized construction, privatization of land plots and premises)
    • Construction Disputes
    • Tax and Administrative Disputes
    • Challenging Government Decisions, Actions and Failures to Act
    • Disputes over Value Added Tax Refund
    • Public Procurement Litigation
    • Other Disputes

    It is undeniable that the litigation process is frustrating, complicated and unpredictable.

    Bezrukov & Partners team is well-trained to represent clients involved in a wide variety of disputes at various stages of the litigation process and in any court instance. We have a successful track of records in tax, civil and administrative litigation and can represent our clients in all Russian courts.

    It is necessary to develop a theory of a case and litigation strategy either for the plaintiff or defendant in advance. Before filing a claim in court, lawyers should identify the aims of the litigation and consider whether it is possible to achieve it.

    We will review your legal documents, prepare a preliminary opinion on the merits of the case and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position while preparing for litigation. We will develop options and strategies to strengthen your position. We will also examine legal precedents related to the case established by the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, the Court of Cassation of your district and lower courts.

    To learn more about case examples with specific case numbers, click Noteworthy Cases. They include real estate, corporate, tax and administrative litigation.