Electric Power Engineering and Law

Electric Power Engineering and Law

From utility connection to complex litigation with energy supply and retail electricity companies, we do have expertise.

  • Legal Support of Electrical Utility Connection
  • Identifying the Most Economically Advantageous Connection Solutions, Challenging the Refusal to Connect Utilities
  • Energy Tariffs Check
  • Energy Supply Contracts Making

Our services in this field split into two categories: legal support of electric utility connection and legal advice on energy supply (electricity retailing) sector. In the first case, we cooperate with transmission companies, while in the latter one, we communicate with energy supply companies (electricity suppliers). Electrical utility connection is the first step in the electricity delivery process. Utility connection procedure has significantly changed over the last few years and becomes a lot more challenging; therefore, to save time and money, one needs to seek legal advice.

We offer comprehensive legal support of electrical utility connection from applying to a transmission company to obtaining the documents verifying the legality of the procedure. We may also convince the representatives of a transmission company to choose the procedure most suitable for you. Sometimes transmission companies refuse to connect an object to an electrical grid without legal grounds. In this regard, we may either bring the dispute to court and a transmission company will be obliged to sign a contract or resort to extrajudicial dispute resolution (e.g. administrative procedures).

It is quite common for transmission companies to change the balance inventory of electric grids without legal grounds, cause an increase in future electricity tariffs. We suggest to our clients to file a suit to oblige a transmission company to indicate the change in utility connection documents.

Documents on electrical utility connections do not entitle their holders to consume electricity (the only exceptions are individuals as domestic consumers). Energy supply contract drafting and signing is equally are also challenging. We offer comprehensive legal advice on the energy supply (electricity retailing) from applying to an energy supply company to signing a contract.

We are happy to help you to build relationships with transmission and energy supply companies and thus to eliminate the challenges and uncertainties of the energy market.

We are also ready to represent your interests in the matters concerning electricity bills and payments for non-contractual and off-the-meter consumption of electricity.