Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

    • Pretrial Financial Analysis of a Debtor and Recoverability of a Debt
    • Negotiating with a Debtor
    • Legal Representation
    • Legal Support at All Stages of Enforcement Proceedings
    • PR Support of Enforcement Proceedings

    One may think hat to new debt recovery techniques can be developed. Standard proceedings are pretty clear and even a recently graduated lawyer would manage to succeed: prepare a statement of claim, win the case (where required), get a court order, pass it to court bailiffs and wait for the debt to be recovered.

    Unfortunately, Russian enforcement proceedings de facto are rather ineffective. Sometimes a debtor can clear debt, but court bailiffs fail to collect it if they don’t have enough time or are preoccupied with too many things to do. Or - even worse - a debtor is rather disreputable, so your chances to collect a debt approach zero.

    Take a look at the example of debt evasion. A debtor retires from a company, transfers ownership to some shadowy characters or another region. In case you count on court bailiffs only, the results might be rather poor.

    How can we help you?

    We offer comprehensive debt recovery service, and some of the projects are result oriented only. Bezrukov & Partners lawyers will win your case even if a debtor firm is reorganized or “left” by its owner.