Sowing Campaign to Start

Sowing Campaign to Start

May 22, 2018

On May 22, 2018, the Aleysk City Court decided in favour of our client who leased agricultural land under the joint lease agreement since 2016.

The Agreement should remain in force for five consecutive years commencing in 2021. However, as early as 2017, a number of lessors who had their shares decided to come into an agreement with a third party and allocate a plot of land on account of their shares to them.

We managed to persuade the court that land plot allocation here violated terms of the agreement and the law.

We also revealed several violations of law in land demarcation projects. More than that, the plaintiffs violated the federal law On Turnover of Agricultural Land (Paragraph 5, Article 14) when they failed to obtain the approval for land plot allocation from the lessee.

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