Fire Incident Decided in the Client’s Favor

Fire Incident Decided in the Client’s Favor

May 7, 2018

Legal assistance with fire incidents is rather challenging since it includes both legal advice and some physics, chemistry, and combustion issues. Such cases usually go together with various expert examinations and involve considerable technical problems.

The client who sought professional legal advice from our law firm provided chimney installation services at his customer's facility that burned down later. At first, the case seemed to be rather problematic as the investigation revealed that the fire was caused by the ignition of combustible materials of the ceiling due to the excessive heat transfer from the chimney. In such a case, the person who installed the chimney is held responsible for the fire.

Our client did provide chimney installation services, but we managed to prove that he performed his services in full concordance with the existing regulations and standards and violations causing ignition were committed by a third party.

On May 7, 2018, the Tsentralny District Court of Barnaul decided in favour of the client to show that our case theory was correct.

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